Monday, April 13, 2009


Since the holiday was coming up we thought that our next theme could be "Easter".

- In the first point of view, in Brazil, the Easter is celebrate with the exchange of chocolates on Easter Sunday. But the celebration of Christ's death begins a few days before and is called "Holy Week" when we can not eat meat, just plates with fish, cheese, vegetables, etc, for a couple of days. In some cities people perform the Passion of Christ, like an outdoor theater whith childrens and adults. When the the sunday morning everybody get a chocolate egg ! To children, we count that who brings the Easter Egg is a bunny. Often the mothers draw footsteps over the house or simply hide the eggs in some place of the house for children found. Is a funny date!!

- On the other hand, in Sweden, we celebrate Easter in a whole different way. It's all about the colour yellow, eggs, food, witches, spring, feathers, more eggs...
We decorate our homes with chickens of all size, feathers in birch twigs. We have daffodill, the yellow flower in my picture, in pots in every window. We eat plenty of typical Swedish food, and we are loving the weather as our spring is coming! Small flowers are growing in the ground and there are new green buds in the trees.
It's a few extra days off work so you can spend some time with friends and family in the hopefully sunny weather.
But this holiday is mostly fun for the kids. By an old tradition from the 16th century swedish children dress up as witches. At that time they thuoght all witches flew to a place called "BlÄkulla" on a broom the night to Maundy Thursday. So on that day we now have a tradition where swedish children go from door to door and hand out homemade eastercards and in return they get candy. It's alittle like Halloween, but all kids dress up as witches with dresses, aprons, kercheifs with freckles and red cheeks across their face and there are no tricks.
Another tradition is that everyone gets an "Easteregg" full with all sorts of candy. How you get this egg is different for everyone I've noticed. But like Santa Claus brings gifts on Christmas, everyone agrees to that it's the Easter Bunny that brings eastereggs to the kids at Easter. Most kids have to look for their eggs, mostly out in their gardens where the Bunny have hidden them. Others have them under their bed when they wake up in the morning.


So here you can see, a little bit, how different is the Easter from our two points of views.


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